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Joining VC Glendale

Joining VC Glendale couldn't be any easier than 1.2.3. It costs £20 for the year which entitles you to take part in any of the club activities which includes all their training spins and any club league races or events that they are invited to ride. You must purchase a licence from Cycling Ireland which can be done separately HERE no rider can take part in training spins without at least a leisure licence. Being part of a club make its cheaper to join Cycling Ireland and you also get the chance to purchase top quality club clothing which normally works out cheaper than clothing purchased from retail outlets for the same quality. Easiest way to pay your club fees is via Paypal directly to the club from the link below, the club needs to approve all licences before Cycling Ireland issue them so it is essential to pay your club fee before applying for a licence.  SEND YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT TO:

Pay Club Fees HERE Send Payment to
Buy Your Licence HERE 
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