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Club Runs

Weekend Rides 

All Weekend club rides meet in Dunmurray Village(see map below), unless otherwise stated prior to the ride, we meet at 9:00am and leave at 9:10am Sharp. Saturdays the rides average approx 55-65 miles with and average speed of 17-20mph  and on Sundays the rides average approx 65-75miles with an average speed of 17mph - 20mph. You will need Cycling Ireland insurance to join us on our rides and must have a road worthy bicycle a helmet and if a member of the club it is always nice to display your club colours. You should always carry at least one spare tube, tyre levers, pump, food for the ride and some money incase of emergencies. Club Etiquette applies to all the runs, where we will abide by the Highway Code at all times, won't break red lights,ride two abreast only, single file where appropriate and wear the club colours with pride.    

Midweek Circuits 

Midweek Circuits take place from January to March and use a 1.6 mile loop around the Cutts in Dunmurray. They take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30pm at Creighton Roundabout, or you can join the group at anytime by riding in opposite direction until you pick the group up.  Tuesday and Thursday rides are an average pace of 18-20mph for 90 minutes while Wednesday is slightly easier leisure ride of approx 16-18mph for 90 minutes. The Circuit is well lit up with only one set of traffic lights which allows the group to flow quite well. As the weeks progress the Tuesday and Thursday rides will begin to introduce some Zone3 and Zone4 riding to prepare for racing season and longer summer runs, again you will need Cycling Ireland insurance and Club etiquette will apply.

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